Q: What is a Shakey’s SuperCard?

A: The Shakey’s SuperCard is our way of giving love back to our guests. It is a loyalty and rewards program that gives members access to exclusive offers and discounts.

Q: What do I get from a Shakey’s SuperCard?

A: With the Shakey’s SuperCard, you can enjoy the following benefits or what we call SuperCard Perks:

  1. Buy a large or party-size pizza (any flavor except Classic Cheese) and purchase a 1.5L Coke product to get a FREE pizza of the same size, same crust. Available for carryout or delivery orders.
  2. A FREE Large Thin Crust Pepperoni pizza on your birthday. May be claimed on your birth month.
  3. 10% off on dine-in or carryout purchases.
  4. Earn 1 (one) SuperPoint for every Php100.00 spent on dine-in or carryout purchases.
  5. Access to seasonal promotions and exclusive limited-time offers.

That’s a whole lot of value for only P499.00.

Q: Does a Shakey’s SuperCard expire?

A: A Shakey’s SuperCard is valid for one (1) year from the date of activation (or when it’s first used). You have one (1) year to enjoy all the SuperCard Perks. To check on your card status, you can log in to your account on or download our Shakey’s App on your smartphone or ask one of our staff to check for you.

Q: Where can I purchase a Shakey’s SuperCard?

A: To buy a SuperCard, you can either:

  1. Buy from any Shakey’s store nationwide;
  2. Order online via
  3. Download and order via our Shakey’s app (available on App Store or Google Play); or
  4. Call Shakey’s Delivery Hotline 77-777.

Q: Why do I need to register my SuperCard?

A: We would love to keep in touch with you. If we have your information, you’ll be the first to know when we have exclusive promotions and offers. So make sure you enter or update your information by logging on to or clicking here to log in to your account.

Also, in case of a replacement card request resulting from SuperCard damage or loss, the same information will be used to confirm SuperCard owner details.

For SuperCards purchased in-store, just make sure to accurately fill up the registration form and give it give it back to your food server. We will enter your information for you.


Q: How can I avail of Buy 1 Take 1 benefit?

A: Buy 1, take 1 is available to guests with an active SuperCard who orders via carryout or delivery. Just buy a large or party-size pizza (any flavor except Classic Cheese) and purchase 1.5L Coke product to qualify for a free pizza of the same size, same crust.

Q: Can I order any pizza to avail Buy 1 Take 1?

A: Yes, you may choose any of your favorite Shakey’s pizza flavor except Classic Cheese.

Q: What free pizza do I get for the Buy 1 Take 1?

A: You may choose from any of the following Shakey’s Classic pizza flavors: Classic Cheese, Hawaiian Delight, Pepperoni, or Garlic n’ Cheese.

Q: How many free pizzas can I claim for delivery?

A: A maximum of 3 free pizzas may be availed for every transaction. The 4th pizza within the same transaction will no longer be matched with a free pizza.

Q: If I order via take out, will I still get 10% discount on top of Buy 1 Take 1?

A: No. For carryout, you can choose which SuperCard Perk to avail of, either Buy 1 Take 1 or 10% discount.


Q: How and when can I claim my birthday pizza?

A: You can claim your birthday pizza within your birth month. Just visit any Shakey’s store and present your SuperCard as well as a valid government ID for verification purposes.

Q: My birthday falls on the 29th and it’s a Thursday, can I come and claim my pizza on the 1st over the weekend?

A: Yes. If your birthday falls within the last few days of the month, we can extend the redemption of this benefit. Add 7 days to your birthday.

Ex. Your birthday is on Dec 29. Plus 7, you can claim your birthday pizza until Jan 5.

In the same way if your birthday falls on the first few days of the month, you can already claim your birthday pizza as early as a week before (count 7 days).

Ex. If your birthday is on Oct 4, you can already claim your birthday pizza as early as Sep 27.


Q: What is a SuperPoint?

A: Every P100.00 spent earns a SuperPoint. One point = P1 which you can use as cash the next time you dine in our stores.

Q: How do I earn SuperPoints?

A: SuperPoints are earned whenever you dine in any Shakey’s store or order for carryout. The more you use your SuperCard, the more points you earn.

Q: Am I still earning SuperPoints when I use my 10% discount?

A: Yes, your SuperCard earns points based on Total Amount to be paid after discounts have been applied.

Q: How do I know how many SuperPoints I currently have?

A: To check how many SuperPoints you have on your SuperCard, you can log in to your account via or our Shakey’s App or ask one of our staff to check for you.

Q: What can I get with my points?

A: Points are as good as cash but redemption is strictly for dine-in only. You can use these points to buy your Shakey’s favorite food or when you renew your SuperCard.

Q: What happens to points that I still have on my expired card?

A: You can have points on your previous card be transferred to your new card. Points on expired SuperCard must be transferred within 30 days after the card expires else they will be forfeited.


Q: How can I check when my SuperCard will expire?

A: You can log on to to check your SuperCard expiration. If you’re in Shakey’s store, you can also ask our staff to check for you.

Q: How can I renew my SuperCard?

A: Just visit any Shakey’s store and purchase another SuperCard. You can also order online, via our mobile app or delivery hotline and have it be delivered to you.

Q: Can I renew my SuperCard via delivery?

A: Yes it will be delivered alongside food you ordered

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